Member Benefits

Closing the infrastructure gap

Infrastructure is about creating places for a First Nation to gather, to establish places of learning, belonging, and healing. Not only is the current First Nations infrastructure gap unacceptable, but it is likely to become even more severe in the future. FNCIAS is a new approach to First Nations housing and infrastructure governance and we are committed to closing the infrastructure gap.

First Nations control and capacity building

FNCIAS represents the transfer of responsibility from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to First Nations. Since FNCIAS is owned and operated by First Nations, it will generate long–term employment and career development for Indigenous people in the public works, water and wastewater sector.

Economic development and planning support

Having standardized and safe infrastructure will encourage small businesses and industries to expand into First Nations communities resulting in economic opportunities.

Sustainable funding

First Nations under FNCIAS will no longer be subject to conditional Government of Canada applications for capital funding. They will instead receive the benefits of sustainable funding from the federal government for a long–term capital plan.

Increased operational efficiencies

Consolidating housing and infrastructure services under FNCIAS will increase operational efficiency, providing a consistent level of service to meet the highest standards in Canada.

One strong, unified voice

With a unified First Nations voice in Saskatchewan, we can deliver quality services and negotiate better contracts and pricing with services venders, while providing high standards for procurement that maximizes benefits to all communities.

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