About First Nations Capital and Infrastructure Agency

First Nations Capital and Infrastructure of Saskatchewan (FNCIAS) is about transforming infrastructure and housing with First Nations in Saskatchewan. The creation and transformation of new systems, new housing institutions and new ways to deliver housing services to First Nations people will be First Nations led, sustain quality, appropriate, healthy and safe housing and related infrastructure in First Nations.

Together, with Nations, we will close the current housing and related infrastructure gap.

Our Mission

Working together with a holistic and humble approach to foster strong relationships with members and partners and ensure First Nation led development.

By drawing on Indigenous wisdom and professional expertise, we will enhance support for technical services and establish efficient processes and advocate for comprehensive funding streams for members to build and maintain homes and infrastructure.

Our Vision

Empowered, connected, and thriving First Nations built on sustainable infrastructure and healthy homes for present and future generations.

Our Values – HOME

  • HUMILITY Listening and learning together.
  • OPENNESS Committed to transparency and accessibility.
  • MODERNIZATION Innovative and agile approaches that involve First Nation leadership.
  • EXCELLENCE First Nation / Tribal Council centred services and purpose driven teams directed and supported by leadership.